Sunday, August 23, 2015

30 months

...and we are still waiting for a match! No words...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My moment

I remember so clearly this very day, five years ago! My moment came at nine thirteen in the morning, I found out that I was going to be a mom! I did not know if she was going to be a girl or a boy, or whether my baby had ten toes and ten fingers. Those details would follow four very long days later. But right then, among so many uncertainties, I knew I would love my baby! What I did not know was how fierce, how deep, and how all-encompassing that love would be. In five short years, she has taught me to love and be loved like I have never before. She taught me to give more of myself than I have ever given to anyone. She has taught me the importance of structure, routine, and boundaries. And she has also taught me to break them, have fun and live in the moment. Today, I am a better person because of her. She spurs me on to pursue goodness and truth. She urges me to continually seek and follow Jesus with her unquestioning and never ceasing love for Him. She is my good. She has redeemed me. This morning, I watched her sleep just a few more minutes until I had to wake her up for school. Today is her first day of first grade. This was the big day, this was her moment to journey into "big kid school". I watched her sleep, oh so gracefully. The beautiful curved of her mouth, soon to be chattering in excitement. The slight fluttering of her eyelids which are still covering warm pools of chocolatey brown eyes, waiting to fly wide open to navigate through the adventures the day would soon bring. Her lithe and lanky body tossed among the hot pink and black zebra motif that she independently chose in exchange of her pastel pink and fluttery "baby" bedding. My little girl, who is not so little anymore. My little girl, who in my heart will always be the baby who first made me a mom. My little girl, who I will love and cherish as long as I have breath. My little girl, who is quickly growing up right before my very eyes. I am so privileged to be her mom. I am blessed to have moments like today, when I get to marvel at her beauty while she sleeps and mundanely bake her favorite breakfast treat. Blessed to be the hand that holds hers as she faces her own uncertainties. Blessed to be the hand that finally lets her go as she confidently walks away toward new adventures. I am blessed not just today but everyday since I have known her. Every moment that I have loved and cherished her. She is my moment...I will forever be grateful for God's blessing of the precious little girl who calls me mommy.