Saturday, July 10, 2010


Halfway into our 16th month...we are still waiting for our baby!  I know that some of you are on the same boat, waiting for "the call", some of you have already gotten "the call" and waiting to travel, and still others have already traveled and brought your babies into their forever family!!! Well, we did travel to the Philippines a couple of months ago for a vacation and it was lovely! The highlight of our trip was a journey to Boracay! This unspoiled island has lush foliage, extensive marine life, and unspoiled white sandy beaches!!! We can't wait to get our referral and grow our family with the arrival of our child. We hope that the next time we travel to the Philippines, it will be to meet him/her! At that time we are certain that we will make this trip again to Boracay with our precious little one!!! I can't wait to introduce her to this slice of paradise... 
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  1. "her"??? hmm...freudian slip??? am i thinking it's going to be a girl????

  2. Hello! I am planning to go to Borocay, and I am wondering where to go. Can you give me the name of your hotel?

    Seems wonderfull! I hope you get the call soon! :)


  3. Tangie, do you have Facebook? I have plenty more pictures posted there. You can add me:

    Unfortunately, we stayed at a private residence. It was gorgeous, but not for rent. :-( However, I can get you some hotel recommendations from a friend. What type of accommodations are you looking for???