Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Officer Sobe said so!

This morning, I called USCIS...I just had a restlessness in me that's been brewing and today was the day, I finally picked up the phone (previously, I was communicating w/ them through e-mail). I was transfered to officer Sobe early this morning, but he was not at his desk. I left him a message to please call me back for an update on our case. By lunchtime, he hasn't called. So, I picked up the phone again and asked to speak to him at about 12:30pm. He was very kind and said, he had our I800A application at his desk, right now and was about to approve it. I said, "oh, don't let me stop you, I'll HOLD"!!!! LOL!!! A long pause followed and he said, "Okay then"! And just like that, our I800A is approved!!! Hopefully, the "official" letter comes in the mail this week and we can get our I800 application in the mail before the weekend! Then...more waiting!!!! Thank you so much everyone, for being so encouraging!!!

Food for thought...Officer Sobe said, I can wait until the official letter comes in the mail or I can mail the I800 now and by the time it gets there, it would already be in the system. Thoughts??? I'm so paranoid of skipping steps, I don't want to do anything "wrong" at this point in the game! But hey, Officer Sobe said so!!!


  1. Hooray! Hooray! For being brave! I'm thinking Officer Sobe knows what he is talking about, but I would be erring on on the cautious side too. Maybe wait a day or two? So glad that part of the wait is over for you!!!


  2. Awesome! Your patience paid off and you are one HUGE step closer to your little blessing! THANK YOU Officer Sobe! :)

  3. Another step closer, this is great news!