Sunday, February 28, 2016

Manila here I come! Part II

A little over five years ago, I was in Manila being transformed to a first time momma! I was there to meet my sweet sweet girl. Years have passed and once again I am making a return journey for baby #2. I kept it to myself for a little while! Partly not believing myself that it was real, after such a long enduring wait. Alas, here we go! We got the green light to travel to the Philippines to meet our new son! He just turned 15 months old and is currently at The Little Children's Home in Taytay, Rizal! He is a beautiful boy with big chocolaty brown eyes and a gorgeous smile! I have journeyed over 36 months and soon I will get to hold my sweet boy in my arms. Stay tuned! Watch out Manila! Momma bear is on her way!


  1. So very happy for you, Agnes! Remembering your first trip right along with you and so excited for you as you journey to your boy now. My prayers are with you for a successful first meeting and easy transition for all of you. Go get him, Mama Bear!--Jennifer

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