Friday, September 10, 2010

After the call...

It's been it's been 17 days since we got the call. It's been a flurry of emotions and activity at our house. Records have been reviewed, acceptance letter written/signed/sealed & FedEx"ed", homestudy forms gathered, I800a form's 11 page instruction has been combed over, and homestudy visit is pending! Lots to do and we're moving as quickly as we can...but apparently, not everyone got the memo! I feel like I'm moving at the speed of light, with the urgency to do as much as I can as quickly so I can to bring my little girl home, but why do I feel like I'm always waiting on others? I'm waiting for the mail, I'm waiting for an opening in my social worker's schedule, I'm waiting for an email from my agency coordinator to let me know which form to fill out NOW, I'm waiting for FedEx tracking to let me know that ICAB acknowledged our acceptance, I'm waiting...waiting...waiting! I thought that the waiting would ease once we got the match...but it has actually intensified. I just want to bring baby K home...and be her mommy!!! Is that really too much to ask for? Apparently, right now, it is. I feel like I'm facing the mountains of bureaucracy of two countires!!!! But these are the days that I pray for strength to continue believing that my GOD is BIGGER than these mountains!!!! With His guidance and hand upon us, we shall overcome these mountains and bring her home.


  1. Breathe...I know how much you want to get that precious little girl And I agree - everyone else should definitely move on our timetable. But still, you will have time to enjoy preparing for her, now that you know who she is - to get those little dresses and to decorate a sweet room and knit like crazy. And when all that is finished - you will have the most perfect little princess to fill your life and your home. I'll pray that the next few months pass quickly for you (for both of us!)

  2. A person hates to wish time to pass quickly but at this stage you definately do. Once your precious Faith is home these days really slide away. I was sitting where you are a year ago and today I went back and reread my posts from that time and could feel that same frustration and then one of our sons came out and gave me a hug this am and all that frustration was a blip in time. Praying your "hurry up people" part of this journey goes quickly. Hang in there - Lori, Iowa

  3. I really needed encouragement this week. I have to refocus my efforts on my little girl. God's work in our life is so evident, from this precious little one coming to our lives and for transforming strangers to blogging friends and becoming our kindest supporters and encouragers! Every time, I think of you sweet ladies, I thank Him for bringing you to our family!!! Jen, I pray for you often...keep Hope alive! God has something fabulous in store for you (I'm feeling BOY for you, for some reason) and Lori, thank you for letting me peek into your family by sharing this beautiful picture of your morning!!!