Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, let's get the bad news out of the way and be done with it! This evening, my husband and I are finalizing our I864A and I864 to send to our agency, so that they can forward them to ICAB. We crossed every T and dotted all of the I's. Got 3 years worth of tax returns and W-2's for each of us. Proofread a gazillion time before noticing that the instruction says to type answers in CAPITAL letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really???????????? Really??????????????? Really?????????????? I couldn't believe it! A). How did I miss that????? B). WHY is that necessary???????????????? So, I tried to come up with reasons as to why that shouldn't be needed, since, the application is typed and very much legible. I argued with USCIS in my head...but since they didn't have a representative in my living room this evening, I had no choice but to modify both forms!!! Not too difficult since we already had all of the information down, but it sure was tedious and an absolutely poor use of time. We had planned on tackling the I800 this evening with the fee schedule that USCIS is requesting. But instead, I was converting the I864A and I864 to CAPITAL letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Again I say, REALLLLLLLLLLY????????

Okay, now that that's out of the way...on to the good news!!! As I've posted just recently, we were scheduled to go in for the Biometric fingerprints on 11/12/2010. Well, one very awesome Haley McNabb from the yahoo group informed me that she had some friends who didn't want to wait for their fingerprinting appointments and they "walked in" and were able to do their fingerprints 3 weeks early!!!!! So, today, my husband called the fingerprinting place and asked if we were able to come in should they have any cancellations in the next couple of weeks. They told him that they had some time tomorrow, and if we wanted to come in. He was in shocked and called me right away. Neither one of us could believe that we can go tomorrow instead of wait the 3 weeks, as given to us by USCIS. I called the place back to verify that this is true. The nice officer confirmed this and offered us an appointment at 7:45am TOMORROW!!!!!!! Thank you officer Lewis!!! Thank you Jesus for putting such wonderful souls to help us along during this process!!!!!!

So, I'm going to shut up now...and go work on the I800, which by the way does not specify that it should be in CAPS!!!


  1. Yay, no sitting around for three weeks! Doesn't that make retyping all the stuff into CAPS so much easier to bear? ;) Here's to a speedy process for you!

  2. Thanks for keeping my spirits up, Jen!

  3. Yay! It's so strange to read how other countries do stuff in other ways. Unless we have to gather all that stuff again.. Anyway, it will be better than twiddeling our thumbs!


  4. *Sigh!* The endless and sometimes frustrating paperwork! Hang in there! It'll get done! Hooray on getting in earlier for the fingerprinting!!


  5. Veronica & Deborah the i864A and i864 AND the i800 are all done and ready to go in the mail as soon as we receive the coveted i800A approval. In the meantime, our agency has forwarded the i864A and i864 to ICAB. And we got a treat of receiving new pictures of our sweet girl. ICAB has been so prompt with our requests. :-) So, there is an upside.