Sunday, October 3, 2010

One down...

how many to go??? We sent our I800A in to the Dallas lockbox and it was logged to have been received on 10/1/10. Now we wait...for what I'm praying is a swift and favorable approval. Meanwhile, we are starting on the I800 with accompanying I864A and I864. In addition, we have also received baby K's birth certificate, authorized placement, and relinquishment in the mail, which our social worker was pleasantly surprised @ ICAB's quickness in this matter. I guess, most people usually wait awhile after the approval of the I800A, prior to receiving these documents, which are conveniently referred to as Article 16. This is encouraging. :-) The forms itself aren't too difficult to fill out, but it's the gathering of all the accompanying documents that's a bit of a challenge. I'm filling out the I800, I864A, and I864 in tandem, but it's getting a bit too confusing. So, maybe, I'll fill them all out individually, in hopes that I may be able to focus on each one without getting overwhelmed. I just want to get through the paperwork, so that I can actually concentrate on my little girl. I am praying and hoping everyday, that we will bring her home real soon.


  1. You are constantly in my prayers that the Lord will help you level this paperwork mountain and bring your sweet baby girl home to you quickly. I know all that paperwork is overwhelming, but the reward at the end just couldn't be any sweeter!

  2. Wow, the whole process is so complicated! I'm not sure how it works here in Canada but I certainly hope that it's not that hard! Good luck in bringing your daugther home very, very soon.

  3. @Jen & Renee! I just super duper love you gals for being so supportive, encouraging, and kind-hearted! Know that despite being consumed with all of this tedious paperwork, you two are very close to my heart and pray for you often. I know that God has amazing plans for you both. I can't wait to see what's coming down the pipes!!!! :-)