Friday, December 17, 2010


Woooohooooo! Okay, calm down. It's not what you're thinking, but it's still very good news!!! Today, I called the Dept. of State National Visa Center to inquire about our paperwork. They informed me that it was sent to US Embassy Manila, yesterday!!! This is great news! Once it gets there, the process can begin to get baby K medical and visa appointments going!!!! We are praying and hoping that the holidays will not deter this too much!!! I know the title of this blog got you all excited, but I had to celebrate the little victories during this lengthy journey!!! I can't wait to put up a post titled "Off to Manila WE go". Hopefuly, it's soon...



  1. And again I say...YIPPEE!!! What great Christmas news! Hopefully the paperwork progression on the embassy's part will be nice and smooth and that little lady will be in your arms in no time. Yay for good news!

  2. Good news!! Hopefully you will be writing "Off we go" VERY soon.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season!

  3. It worked! I was looking for an airplane. Hooray for the little steps though. You're right, it's the little steps that help us reach that big leap.


  4. Thank you everyone!!! No "new" news. I'm planning on emailing the US Embassy in Manila soon to get a case update. Will keep you posted!!!