Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My hero: Officer Sobe

approved our I800 today!!!!! I received the email and was over the moon! We are one step closer to our little girl!!!


  1. Thank you Officer Sobe! Hope it's a quick trip to the finish line for you now, Agnes! Thrilled for you :)

  2. This is such exciting news!!! So have you found out yet what the next step is? Hopefully it's the medical. Good luck, my fingers are crossed!! You're almost there!!

  3. Thanks Jen!!!! Every little victory must be celebrated during this long process!!!!

    Renee, yes the medicals are next!!! But before that can happen, the approval gets forwarded to the national visa center in the US, then they send it to the US Embassy in Manila, who then contacts the family/agency to schedule visa/medical!!! Hopefully, in a month we can travel!!! Crossing my fingers and toes, for both of us!!!!!! :-)

  4. Hooray, Officer Sobe! I'm so excited for you! Another step closer. Praying it goes quickly now!