Thursday, April 7, 2011

God's grace

explains it all!!! Kristine is adjusting very well, after 2 months with her mommy and daddy! She has seamlessly adapted to her life with us, much to our surprise. We were worried about attachment and bonding issues, but we all seem to be doing well! Kristine definitely know who her parents are. She's very affectionate and oh, so sweet. She gives us sweet kisses...nuzzles us with her cute little nose and puts her head on our shoulders when she's tired. She is a happy baby with a boisterous laugh and a "melt your heart" smile. We are so in love with her, and we believe that she loves us too. Everyday, we are amazed at our daughter. She has new words almost everyday, she likes to do her puzzles and is currently learning "textures" and blended colors. She is a bright girl who is very inquisitive and eager to learn new things. Her memory is also unbelievable, she retains information for new words and things that she has learned. So, it surprises us in a way, that she does not call out or ask for her wonderful foster family, who she was deeply attached to. But if her daddy steps out, even just to the garage, she'll say, "Daddy, come back". She has also grown attached to our little neighbor, Nolan. She plays street hockey and ride trikes outside with Nolan for the past few weeks. This weekend, he went on a little spring break getaway for 3 days. For three days, baby K asked about him during her morning and afternoon outside time. Saying, "Momma, where's Nolan? Nolan come back?". I am so amazed at how seamlessly she has adapted so far. I know she misses her foster family in her own way, but I am encouraged that the trauma from that isn't greater than it is. And nothing else can explain it but God's grace. I know He's looking after all of us and helping baby K through her transition and has great plans for her future.


  1. Yes! God's grace is amazing!! And I am so glad he is covering baby Kitin and your family as a whole in it. She is a true gift from God. I'm going to come meet you one day Kitin. You've got to meet your Auntie Haley :)

  2. You were matched well! Happy parents - happy baby! May you all continued to be enveloped by the grace of God and grow in love together as the family you were ordained to be!