Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome Baby Party

at Daddy's work a couple of days ago was fantastic!!! I've been meaning to sit down and write about it...but as you can see I've been distracted by sweet daddy moments and not so sweet poopie moments!!!
Now, that baby K is napping comfortably and quietly, I can talk about the sweet day that we had at Daddy's "office" with all of his wonderful co-workers and friends. These amazing folks have "labored" with us through the years that it took to bring baby K home. They've been supportive and have done many gestures of kindness towards us. It was lovely to celebrate with them and share our beautiful little girl for her first "coming out" party! Baby K made out with lots of compliments on her pretty dress and shiny golden shoes. She also made out like a bandit with lots of generous gifts, that were opened by her and her Daddy. Among her favorite gifts are: the bunny goodnight book, Melissa and Doug art supplies, and a cool Dora wooden chair. She was over the moon with all the presents, which we haven't even been able to unpack from the trunk of our car. Not to be remiss are the wonderful dishes that was served, including baby K's favorites: grapes, noodles, and a huge Dora and Diego cake!!! There were also a lot of details which we truly appreciate and are so thankful for. Baby K enjoyed all of the fun balloons and Mommy and Daddy were so touched by the matted picture of our family for guests to sign. We also loved the DVD of the shower, which we were given before leaving. We watched it as a family that evening and it was a great way to end what was already and enchanting day. Thank you so much to Daddy's crew!!! We are so blessed by your thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity. Thank you for being part of our family!


  1. Such a very, very nice thing for them to do! How blessed you all are to be surrounded by such generous and loving friends!

  2. What a wonderful event!!! I'm sure that Kitin had a ball and loved being the center of attention. It sounds like Ed's work crowd are a great bunch. Enjoy the gifts Kitin!!

  3. That is so sweet. The picture and the DVD is such a great idea. It's a blessing to have such caring co-workers.

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