Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's amazing gifts!!!

All the way from Connecticut!!! Thank you Auntie Wendy and Ate Lily!!!!!!!!!! A year ago, who would've thought that not only would I have an absolutely beautiful little girl, but that we would be receiving a boxful of beautiful clothes handed down to us all the way from across the continental US!!??? It was one of those..."Wow!!! Did that really just happen?" moments!!!! Yup, that's what happened to me and my beautiful baby K, TODAY!!! Wendy Cushing, fellow blogger and momma to Lily and Becky, sent us approximately 40 pounds of clothes and we received it from the awesome "UPS man", today!!! The blogging community has been an amazing support system to us during our adoption journey. I have made many friendships as a result. So touching are the stories and walks of life of the many women that I have met in the blogging world. I treasure each and everyone of you. Honestly, the blog has been such an avenue for me to truly put into words the emotions during this journey. Those of you who've followed us and stood by us know, that those emotions ranged from: sheer joy, blissful happiness, absolute chaos, frenzied frustration, and just over the moon giddiness!!! But out of all that, many meaningful bonds were formed! The UPS box delivered on our door today was a tangible expression of those relationships. Not to be forgotten also, was a lovely package that came from Renee Squires from Canada (now mommy to Rafael) of a beautiful shirt, that she specially picked out for baby K a couple of months ago!!!
How lovely these gestures of thoughtfulness and generosity!!! Whether you've sent us gifts or not, please know that I treasure friendships, blogging momma friends!!! Thank you so much...I am truly blessed by YOU!!!

P.S. Another amazing gift today happened while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Baby K, came up and hug my leg and said, clear as day, "I love you Momma"!!! This was followed by an endearing (yet loud) scream of "I love you daddy", from the bottom of the stairwell towards Daddy's office upstairs. Usually, baby K would say I love you back to us when we say it first. Today, was the first day she initiated it on her own! We are so touched by this moment. She surprises us with new things everyday. She is such a sweet sweet girl. What a blessing she has been and a ray of light in our lives!!!


  1. Aw, I love it, love it, love it. All of you blogging ladies are just awesome.
    And perhaps twice as nice is hearing your little girl initiate "I love you" for the first time - just beautiful! What a blessed day!

  2. I totally agree that all the blogging girls are GREAT!!! Everyone is such good support for one another and I know that I couldn't have gotten thru this LONG road without everyone! Isn't it always fun getting goodies in the mail. Gotta love it especially when it's pretty dresses!! Baby K is going to be on cloud 9.

    Hearing I love you must have been AMAZING!!!! That little girl must melt your heart a hundred times a day. She is truely one of a kind just like her mama!

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