Thursday, March 10, 2011

Can you say...

BIG "baba"???? We just came from baby K's 2 y/o physical today.

Here are her stats:
Length = above percentile 95
Weight = 86 percentile
Head Circumference = above percentile 95

She got some lab work, flu shot and a booster shot for pneumococcal vaccine, so that wasn't too much fun. She recovered well with some "ice cream" (Pedialyte pops). It was heart wrenching to hold her down for the needles...mommy hasn't recovered well. Maybe I'll go get some "real" ice cream to feel better. Shhhh...don't tell baby K, I don't want to break the Pedialyte bubble!!! Hahahaha!!!


  1. Good, healthy baby! Now, definitely go and get some ice cream for yourself...medical transcriptionist's orders (like THAT means anything!) You've earned it!

  2. Give that poor baby some ice cream. Pedialyte tastes like crap.

  3. Wendy, Shhhhhhh!!!! LOL! I'm tempted to take her to the frozen yogurt bar, (I know, so California)!!!

  4. Your girlie is a real bruiser!!! I think that both of you earned some good ice cream. Enjoy!!

  5. Today, she had a homemade fruit/tofu smoothie! Yum!!!

  6. Ohhh, poor baby!! She's growing great though! Mmm, the fruit tofu smoothie sounds delish!