Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Third time's the charm?

It has been 22 amazing days with our daughter and it has been a wild ride already! She is on the mend from her cold and even her sensitive skin seems to be adjusting to her new environment, climate, and LIFE! As much as she is adjusting to us, we are also adjusting to her. It has just been Edward and I for many years, sharing a life and a home that is quiet, orderly, and peaceful. We were able to pack up and go at the drop of a hat. We can be halfway around the world in a matter of hours...but now, it is all so different. Our days begin around 8AM, when baby K wakes up. She has not cried upon waking in the morning for about a week. She looks around her room and just keeps her eyes wide open while she scans the room and gets her footing. While she was sick, she cried often and only wanted mommy. Daddy was starting to feel left out because she didn't want to be comforted or soothed by him. For the past few days, Edward has been able to get her out of bed in the morning when she wakes up and play for a little while, prior to bringing her to wake me up (though, I'm usually only "pretend" sleeping, since, I'm awake anyway, listening to them play). Around 8:30am, we take baby K down for breakfast. She loves crunchy things and would eat her cereal dry and drink her milk separately. Although this past Sunday, I made the judgement to dress her before breakfast so that we can get ready for the early service at church. Afterall, she just eats dry cereal and drinks milk, right? Well, this Sunday, was the day she chose to ask me to eat her cereal with milk. So, here we go...Sunday clothes, bowl with cereal and milk, and a toddler with a spoon who is determined to feed herself. Well, you can see where this is heading, right??? Okay, so, baby K ends up wearing part of her breakfast!!! We miss the first church service. Alright...so, back upstairs, washing her up AGAIN, dressing her AGAIN, and changing her wet diaper. Alright. She's dressed! I have combed her hair after taking bits of cereal and washing out sticky milk parts. Prettiful little bows: check! We can make the next service! Except for a small oversight, mommy is not dressed!!! Uh-oh. I hurriedly throw some clothes on and was ready to go. Daddy is dressed and diaper bag in tow. I'm looking for baby K and find her in her play tent, playing with her piano. Then, I smelled it! A pungent and now familiar odor...a POOPY diaper. Very opportune time, indeed! I lay Kristine down in her changing pad and I get the poopiest diaper EVER! So, we miss the second church service. Now, fortunately, our church has another service. We get it together and make it to the third service...which conveniently is her NAP TIME!!! She was a trooper though. She sat through most of the service and truly enjoyed the band, clapping and raising hands like mommy!!! It was amazing to finally bring her with us to church, where we've prayed incessantly for her to come into our family. It was such a sweet moment for Edward and I to be at church, praising and worshipping the Lord, who has blessed us with this child.
So, third time is the charm...we made it to the third church service. Gone are the days, where we just get up and go. By the time, we get baby K (and sometimes ourselves) fed, cleaned, and dressed...it is hours later than we expected. We know it will take some time, but it's our hope that we will continue to adjust to our new family life. It's definitely been an exhilarating ride already!!!


  1. LOL. Good to hear you're going with the flow and enjoying motherhood! (And apparently the prayers for poop worked!) Keep enjoying the ride!
    And I know you've been taking pictures...do I get to see any? Pretty please? HINT???? :)

  2. I've always looked forward to that first time we go to church as a family. I catch myself watching the other families with toddlers sometimes and wonder what that is like. Now I know it took them hours to get there...lol. It sounds like you guys are adjusting very well to parenthood.

    Take care

  3. LOL! Welcome to Motherhood, Mama! Didn't I tell you there would be days when it would be 4:00 pm and you'd be thinking, "Oh, I haven't even showered yet." Yep, the carefree life is over...but the blessings? Oh, they are so much more sweet with 3...or 4...

    Eating in only a diaper is the way to go!

  4. I know how you feel. Brian and I were in the exact same boat as you guys before Rafael came into our lives. We too are beginning to adjust but we'll just have to take it one day at a time. I'm glad that you guys did managae to finally make the service. Your hard work paid off!!!

  5. Lol! One of the many precious gifts of parenthood. Thankfully, most of them don't entail dirty diapers. Sounds like you're doing great! At least you made it to church -- eventually ;o).