Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th 2011

Two years ago today, my sweet little girl was born in the Philippines. Two years ago, her birthmother made the toughest decision a woman may ever have to make, the decision that she is unable to parent this beautiful child. I will be forever grateful that she has given Kristine the gift of life and the subsequent gift of a forever family.

On the other side of the world, 3 days before baby K is born, Edward and I were approved by the Philippine government to adopt a child from there. Two years ago, we prayed for the child that will be meant for us to raise. We didn't know her then, but God sure did. We've always known we would be parents. God has always laid in our hearts that we were meant to have a child. We didn't know it then, but He has already ordained that Edward and I will be baby K's parents. As it is stated in scripture: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future". Our family certainly is a testimony to His promises. There were many times, when I stumbled in the faith and often tempted to walk away from trying to grow our family through adoption. But I must say, there are lessons that you only can learn in the darkest of times. Edward and I learned that we needed to lean on the Lord and hold steadfast onto our faith in Him. We learned that God was in control and His plans for us were so much more than what we could dream of. Through prayer, He laid strongly in our hearts that He truly meant for us to be parents. The roads twisted and turned many a times these past two years. But today, as we look back, we are in absolute awe in God's awesome powers.

Today, we got to celebrate the day our little girl was born. Not only were we with her, on this joyous occasion, we were blessed to celebrate her second birthday, AT HOME! And that is what we did. No bells and whistles. No big parties with all the hoopla. We simply celebrated at home. Family from both sides and from church trickled in to share a birthday cupcake and sing happy birthday. Baby K blew out a birthday candles over and over again and got more than her fair share of cupcakes, which she loved!

Then we took her to ride the Merry Go Round at the mall, fed the duckies at the pond, and do a little a shopping. Then the best part: We came HOME!!!

I will forever thank God for creating our daughter and bringing her to life two years ago today. I will be grateful to Him for the rest of my days for growing our family and bringing our daughter HOME...


  1. What a beautiful tribute of faith! Happy Birthday to wee beautiful Kristine! It sounds like it was a perfect first birthday at HOME! Jer.29:11 is the verse we've held on to through our adoption journey also.


  2. Happy birthday, Kristine. How good to be home, together, as a family.

  3. After such a long, hard road, everything has worked out beautifully for both you guys and Kitin. It sounds like she had an amazing birthday and enjoyed all the cupcakes. She is a beautiful little girl and things will only get better as each day passes!!! Enjoy!!

  4. I bawled my eyes out through this, Agnes! So beautifully written. You are a champ at this motherhood thing. Just as I suspected you'd be!

  5. God is so faithful! He knew Kitin would be home for her birthday. Agnes, you are such a wonderful mother and a true blessing :) I loved reading this.

  6. Thank you ladies for the greetings and kind words. This journey to Kristine was definitely one of faith. God's blessing included this community of blogging friends! I don't know what I would've done without all of your support and encouragement. I have come to rely on you all as friends, fellow advocates, and sisters in Christ! Wendy, I am deeply touched that you would have such kind words for me. Coming from a mother who's been through it all, I pray that I will make good on your thoughts of me! I love you gals and you are all in my prayers and thoughts often!

  7. Agnes I can relate to so much of what you shared so beautifully in this post about adoption being a journey of FAITH. We rejoice with you and join in praising the One who is Faithful in all He does.