Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Post-placement visits...

started today!!! We got up early this morning with a purpose! We had an early appointment with our social worker at her office, which is over an hour away from our home, thanks to LA traffic. I changed baby K's diaper and dressed her in her sleep. Though she woke up with a smile and a chuckle, just in time to help me get her shirt on. I love how she always wakes up happy! She's either singing or laughing, before she calls for Mommy or Daddy to get her out of bed! So, breakfast was dry cereal, a banana, and milk in the car for the little mama. With Dora, Mickey, Elmo, her Leap Pad bus, and Wocket in my Pocket we went on the commute! The visit went great and our social worker was very positive and supportive. She asked about how baby K is adjusting, what she's eating, her sleep habits, her daily routine, and her current developmental skills. So, we told her and it sounds like by golly, we are doing alright with this kiddo. When we brought her home, she was eating very limited table foods (mostly treats) and EIGHT six oz. bottles of formula daily. Now, she is eating table food for meals and snacks, including vegetables and fruits and is down to taking only 2-3 bottles per day of whole milk an an oz. of formula added for comfort at night. Previously, she was sleeping close to midnight and now, she is down by 8:00 or 8:30pm and sleeps at least 10 hours. She is also napping regularly at 12:30 or 1:00pm. Her fine and gross motor skills are age appropriate from what we've seen and also from talking to her pediatrician. So, this visit was a great way to take inventory on how we are progressing as a family. After talking to the social worker, Edward and I both realized (lightbulb turning ON) that baby K is thriving and happy here at home with us. It just feels great to know that we are supporting her growth in all areas that matter. I'm sure there are still lots to learn...everyday, she surprises us with something amazing. I just hope we can keep up with this special little person, whom we just love so dearly!!!


  1. Agnes, she's doing wonderful!! I loved reading this post!! It makes my heart smile :o). Enjoy!!


  2. Aw, look what a whole bunch of love will do - for all of you. I hope you see what I've known from the time you told me you were "thinking pink" - you really are a wonderful mama! Keep enjoying the milestones and everything you learn about each other along your journey :)

  3. I knew it would go great!! You guys are awesome parents :) I see you went with Auntie Haley's menu for breakfast :) Glad your visit went well!!

  4. Good for you guys!! It does sound like Kristine is thriving and that you are all settling into your new lives. It is amazing the difference a month can make!! I look forward to hearing about all the changes in miss Kitin over the next month as well. Enjoy your precious angel!!