Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yet another transition...

I had planned to write a post regarding our returning back to work this week after 6 weeks of "cocooning" in our own little world. But now, I can't even articulate the words. All I can think of is the end of daily snuggles with baby K and Edward. We are spending the last day of our 6 week cocoon. I will not be having daily afternoon tea parties of animal crackers and milk, daily morning snuggles with all three of us, daily rocking of the sweet baby girl for naptime, and a lot of other wonderful things that I've gotten accustomed to. The end of everyday breakfasts together, watching all of the silly faces baby K makes, hearing her sing songs all day long, napping together, and all the other everyday things we've been doing as a family these past few weeks. I will miss her so much. This I already know. But, we think we have a schedule figured out. Edward will return to the office on Mondays and Wednesdays and I will stay home with the baby on those days. I will return to work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and baby K will be home with Daddy. Edward will telecommute on Fridays and I will be off as well, so we'll have to the long weekend together. Then in April, I will add working on Fridays, and Edward will be home with her alone on those days as well. This will be our long"ish" term schedule until baby K goes to preschool in late summer. We discussed this with ICAB and the placement social workers seem to agree that this is a good idea for baby K to be able to stay home longer and gradually increase her exposure. Edward and I initially thought this would be a good way to maintain continuity for a longer period. But now, I wish I can be home longer. Though I know, I will probably be feeling this way (or worse) at the end of the next six weeks, when ALL of my leave will be exhausted and I have to return to work full time. So, I'm trying to see this as a blessing and appreciate it for exactly that. I am thankful that God has shown us a way to keep baby K home longer...though I know, I am going to miss her so much on the days that I work. Sigh...


  1. It is great that you guys have a plan in place now that it's time to head back to work. I'm sure Kristine will enjoy having some extra time home with her mommy and daddy! I am lucky to be off until Nov. 1. I'm sure that Kristine will handle it all great. She seems to be a real trooper!!

  2. Hugs to you, my friend. I'm sorry this is so hard for you to think about. Kristine's smile and sunny personality will be your greatest reward at the end of the day, this I know for sure! continue to enjoy the extra full days you have at home with her in the meantime - they are a true gift!